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Published:February 12th, 2013 10:09 EST

Party People Celebrating Chinese New Year See Lights In Sky! Not UFO's, But Chinese Lanterns

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Zealand astronomer said two `bright orange fire balls` spotted over a Wellington suburb were likely Chinese lanterns blown away by the wind.

Michelle Turner said she and a group of 10 friends were partying in Wanuiomata at 1:05 a.m. Sunday, the start of the Chinese New Year, and they spotted the lights in the sky, The Dominion Post, Wellington, reported Monday."



It was the start of the Chinese New Year and Michelle Turner and her party hardy friends were celebrating into the wee hours of the morning on a Sunday.

Michelle and her friends spotted lights in the sky, and if their minds hadn`t been clouded by alcohol, and God knows what else, they would have quickly identified the lights as Chinese lanterns.

The lights weren`t UFO`s or meteorites, the prosaic explanation is almost always the right one. Why did newspapers report the musings of a bunch of boozy people anyway? If one of Michelle`s pals had been waving a glow stick, she would have told the cops that Darth Vader crashed her party brandishing a lightsaber.

If you are drunk out of your skull, and you see mysterious lights in the sky, please don`t alert the media, call the police or even tweet your experience. Just go the hell to bed, and in the morning you will forget you saw any lights.

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