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Published:February 12th, 2013 08:00 EST
The Grammy Awards 2013 Stolen By Jack White and a Baby Blue Fender Telecaster!

The Grammy Awards 2013 Stolen By Jack White and a Baby Blue Fender Telecaster!

By John G. Kays

After running the Grammy Awards 2013 tape several times, and studying the list of winners against the live performance associated with those dubious accolades, I will deem Jack White the ultimate winner in terms of energized performance and Rock Star bluster and showmanship (with a duo he shared with Ruby Amanfu of Love Interruption). The runners up for live performance are Mumford & Sons with their hit I Will Wait and The Black Keys cranking up Lonely Boys. Yea, but Jack White shines the brightest! 

As far as whether he and Ruby used the F word or not (which I don`t care about, other than it can give the moment Kingsmen`s Louie Louie staying power), I studied the clip on a Daily News piece, and determined for myself they`re clearly using the F word. It`s suppose to be fight, but it aint there! It`s the dreaded F word, Friendo, heard in millions of ears on Sunday night`s Grammy Awards. Well, if it served no other purpose than to enable Jack White to trump the other Superstars, then so be it! `Twas well served.

Yet Jack`s rendition of Love Interruption was five times more charged with energy than any of the other star performances. White takes a guitar solo about half way through that knocks you out of your slumbering, half-watching eyes, which since the show is 3 1/2 hours long, isn`t too hard to understand your nodding off. Yet the show was well-paced and I really enjoyed it, after much negative pre-show press almost squelched it for me. Most of the winners were self-evident, although I preferred The Lumineers over Fun for best new act.

Yea, to add to the kudos for Mr. White was the blue sequined sparkle jacket/shirt (Elvis must have stood up in his Graceland grave), a turgid mop of wild black pop-idle hair, and a baby blue Fender Telecaster (which may turn some units for Fender) that made me want to drop by my local Guitar Center and get my own. Jack may have broke the Telecaster at the end, which nearly killed me. I had an envious eye on the sweeping swath of Fender Amps that garnished the stage as well. Fender`s the real star here, in my book!

Getting on a little in years myself, my favorite part of the show came towards the end, In Memoriam; those great stars that passed in 2012. A partial list of the greats reads: Levon Helm (great tribute with The Weight, featuring T-Bone Burnett), Dave Brubeck, Andy Williams, Donna Summers, Leroy Sugarfoot Bonner, Robin Gibb, Patti Page, Joe South, Earl Scruggs, Davy Jones, Dick Clark, Fontella Bass, Hal David, Andy Griffith, Herb Reed, Kitty Wells, Patty Andrews, Jenni Rivera, Doc Watson, Ed Cassidy, and many others. This is like the music history of my life!

I was glad to see The Black Keys win for Best Rock album (El Camino); I predicted this one. The Black Keys won for Best Song (Lonely Boys) and Best Rock Performance also. BKs deserved it! Best Album goes to Mumford & Sons for Babel, which I must confess, I haven`t heard yet; I`ll be sure to check it out, though. Then I`m curious about the Best Country Album, Uncaged by the Zac Brown Band. I like that band, so I`ll want to pick it up. Perhaps it takes a Grammy to prod us into buying some of these newer titles.