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Published:February 13th, 2013 11:36 EST

Video! Heart Attack Grill Unofficial Spokesman Dies Of Heart Attack!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two customers` collapses last year didn`t seem to faze fans of Las Vegas` Heart Attack Grill.

Now there`s word from the Las Vegas Sun that John Alleman, an unpaid and unofficial spokesman for the restaurant who stood outside its doors every day to greet customers, has died after suffering a heart attack last week.


Alleman, 52, was at a bus stop outside the restaurant when he was stricken."


What a loser! If I die of a heart attack I hope it`s while I`m waiting for a limo, or my flight, not waiting for a damn bus.

This dude croaked while he was standing, not jogging, dancing or doing the nasty. After a steady diet of greasy burgers and fat-laden fries he was a heart attack just waiting to happen.

This shill greeted customers as they entered the unhealthiest restaurant in Las Vegas. If there`s a God in heaven and a devil below, surely this character is employed as a greeter in hell.

The Heart Attack Grill thrives on this kind of publicity; I expect their business to pick up substantially.

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