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Published:February 14th, 2013 09:50 EST
Romantic Travel Ideas for Valentine's Day in Connecticut under $20

Romantic Travel Ideas for Valentine's Day in Connecticut under $20

By Jennifer L. Hernandez

Welcome to Connecticut! If you are a savvy traveler, like me, you probably scored an awesome rate on your flight to Connecticut for this Valentine`s Day weekend. This financial travel victory deserves more savings. It`s imperative to keep your money in your pocket. However, Valentine`s Day, or any romantic trip, has this strange ability to make your wallet suffer from cardiac arrest.

Here are some tips to resuscitate your wallet and keep your heart in love with money-saving ideas:

1. Take your special someone to the International Skating Center in Connecticut. You can practice your double axel together. If the two of you are not quite Olympic Skating material, you can encourage one another to let go of the barrier wall and actually attempt to skate. This is a great trust building exercise. Nevertheless, time on the ice will leave the two of you seeking time to cuddle and warm up, together. Admission ranges from $5-$7 and you can rent skates for $3.

2. If skating is not your scene, maybe it`s time to take your relationship to new heights. Pack a picnic for your sweetheart and drive to Bradley International Airport in Hartford, CT or to the Sikorsky Airport in Stratford, CT and watch the planes take off. Very romantic, especially at sunset. Cost: free. Memories and kissing under planes: priceless. 

3. Bushnell Park in Hartford, CT was voted a popular place to kiss in CT. I wonder how this survey was conducted and if some poor intern was responsible for collecting data and mistaken for a stalker. The price that`s paid for love. To honor the sacrifice and determination of the kissing data-collector, visit Bushnell Park and explore the Victorian architecture and magnificent gardens. Find your special place to share a kiss. Cost: free.

4. After a long day of exploring CT, head to Isabelle et Vincent, a French bakery, in Fairfield, CT. Indulge in a pastry, or two, by the crackling fire in the parlor. Let the aromas transport you to the French countryside. Gaze lovingly at your pastry, or loved one, and melt into the romantic ambiance. Cost: Pastries and drinks may set you back $10-12+. The experience is worth it and what your loved one may be planning for Dessert Round 2 will be nothing short of priceless.  Happy Valentine`s Day!