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Published:February 16th, 2013 10:38 EST

Senior Citizens Get Married At Kroger Pharmacy On Valentine's Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Valentine`s Day in Madison, Miss., included the wedding of a bride and groom, ages 87 and 79, at the cash register of a supermarket pharmacy.

Osler Moore and Billie Small, who intended to tie the knot Sunday in a Heflin, Miss., church, decided to move the ceremony up when the romantic in Moore suggested,  `It`s Valentine`s Day. Why not get married?`"



I`ve heard of young couples getting married in unconventional places like a Starbucks restaurant or an Internet café. It makes perfect sense that an elderly couple would get married in a seemingly strange place like a pharmacy. Old folks have so many maladies and illnesses, and they spend a lot of time at pharmacies.

I wouldn`t be surprised if senior citizens think of a pharmacy as a hook-up place, a singles bar for the geriatric set:

Eddie: Fancy meeting  you here at the Walmart pharmacy! My, your lovely blue hair really makes your dreamy blue eyes stand out.

Bessie: Why, thank you my dear. Are those blue pills you are clutching Viagra?

Eddie: You make me blush, but yes they are.

Bessie: You old alcoholic, your face is always red and blotchy. Come over to my place for milk and cookies, and let`s see how well those pills work.

Osler Moore and Billie Small moved up their wedding date because Valentine`s Day was right around the corner, and the Grim Reaper wasn`t too far behind.

Congrats to Osler and Billie, let`s hope they enjoy many years or at least many months, of wedding bliss.

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