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Published:February 17th, 2013 12:18 EST

Is Force-Feeding Pigs Before Sacrificing Them To The Gods Inhumane?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Animal rights advocates in Taiwan say that force-feeding pigs to make them super-large before offering them to the gods is inhumane.

Activists held a rally Friday outside the Chingshui Zushi Temple in New Taipei City, the Taipei Times reported. The temple is one of a few in the country that still holds  `divine pig` contests."



Force-feeding pigs, chickens are any other animals to make them large, either for human consumption or to please the gods, is indeed inhumane and cruel.

To sacrifice a fat pig to a deity is absurd and immoral, pigs are divinely delicious and gods don`t have the wherewithal to appreciate their aroma and taste.

I don`t mind if a temple sacrifices a pig to a deity if after the ritual they open their doors to the homeless and hungry and let them chow down on the fat critter.

I`m not against a religion designating a pig or a cow as "divine", as long as they don`t prohibit eating these divine and delicious animals.

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