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Published:February 17th, 2013 10:59 EST
Obama, Racial Inequality and the Paradigm of War: Status Quo 2.0

Obama, Racial Inequality and the Paradigm of War: Status Quo 2.0

By M. Quinn

"A nation, that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift, is approaching spiritual death.

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Regrettably the above declaration wholly illustrates a paradigm of status quo which is being continued by the first black president, as Mr. Obama increases the level of drone strikes on the planet while feeding the insidious appetite of the military industrial complex; (ala George Bush); but has yet to bring forth any agenda to address racism, bigotry and the matter of cultural inequality in the United States of America.

While President Obama summarily and symbolically placed his hand on the bible of MLK as he began his second term in office, he has been tragically silent on matters surrounding racism and bigotry. Would Dr. King be satisfied with the president`s position?

According to statistical data, the African American community has suffered disproportionately at a higher economic rate during the Obama presidency.

With an unemployment rate in Black America hovering around a staggering 15.0%  double that of the national average of 7.9%; we must thus conclude that the president is at a complete disconnect with his primary constituency.

Moreover, most economist have equally concluded that communities of color; more specifically African Americans have been economically devastated under the Obama administration; while the president remains utterly mute on the subject.

Dr. King would not have remained silent regarding this economic calamity among people of color, and would have without question called Mr. Obama to task at the proposition of the president using his bible during the 2013 inaugural address while being unwilling to put forth a genuine strategy to address this reality in America.

Although the president has given many eloquent speeches with oratory skills that are second to none; great speeches do not bring forth the needed economic and social advancement in which America surely requires. We must remain clear on the fact, that being an American president does not exclude Black America.

Furthermore, President Obama repeatedly cited time and time again during his `2008 campaign for the White House, that his international policy would be categorically different from that of George W. Bush; however, with the level of drone strikes throughout the Middle-east and in Africa - Mr. Obama has trumped, and without any doubt, up the ante of the former president in the implementation of war; and has surpassed George II in drone attacks.

While the Bush administration executed an estimated 50 drone attacks during the course of his tenure in the White House; the Obama administration has summarily executed an astounding 350 drone strikes in four years with an estimated 147 innocent people dead under his campaign.

To add insult to injury, the Obama administration has recently circulated a classified memo that would legalize drone strikes against American citizens deemed to be terrorist, working with terrorist or a threat to national security without any concrete proof, i.e. (the mere suspicion). This categorically allows the president to exercise his hand as judge,  jury and executioner which flies in the face of the Due Process Clause of the United States Constitution.

It remains readily apparent, that the American paradigm of bringing criminals to justice is being completely obliterated. More importantly, whatever happened to the president`s declaration of not behaving anything like George Bush - which propelled him to victory in 2008.

Sadly enough, Mr. Obama has escalated the Bush administrations war on alleged terrorism and has included American citizens as targets - not to be brought to justice to stand trial, but summarily executed at the prospect of being an enemy of the state.

Is this the new America in which the citizens of the United States bargained for?

M. QUINN is a freelance journalist and activist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the books; Removing the Veil and RECOMPENSE A Matter of Human Rights.

He is also the Founder of the Campaign to Remove the Veil"; which advocates incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the American educational system as a core curriculum... He specializes in social, political, and historical analysis and commentary.



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