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Published:February 18th, 2013 16:05 EST

Couple Steals Toilet Parts From McDonald's Restaurant

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A plumber and his wife have been charged in the theft of toilet flush valves from area McDonald`s restaurants.

Patrick Ring, 45, and Dianna Rodriguez, 41, were arrested on Feb. 6 after police nabbed them while they were allegedly stealing metal, jail records show."


My San Antonio

I don`t know what`s worse: Eating a greasy burger and calorie-laden fries at McDonald`s or entering the grease pit only to steal toilet parts.

Anybody who patronizes McDonald`s to eat their greasy chow or to steal toilet fixtures crawling with germs needs to thoroughly wash their hands.

I hope my plumber didn`t use parts from a McDonald`s toilet to repair my toilet. It`s getting to the point where you can`t trust any contractor.

I don`t know why the writer for the San Antonio newspaper wrote that the larcenous couple were "arrested after police nabbed them while they were ALLEGEDLY stealing metal." There is no need to use the word "allegedly", I think we can safely conclude that they weren`t cleaning the metal parts; they were flat-out stealing the parts.

The criminal couple were charged with two state felony counts of theft of bronze/copper, and they are currently behind bars.

Correctional officers should check the jail toilets, before they are released on bail.

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