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Published:February 20th, 2013 11:31 EST

Would You Rent A Fake Facebook Girlfriend For $250 A Week?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"For $750, a service will give someone the appearance of having a girlfriend complete with lovey Facebook updates, texts and voicemails.

The website, Fake Internet Girlfriend, seems to be taking a page from "Catfish` and offering lonely guys a way to seem normal, reliable or desirable.


The cost to rent an online girlfriend is $250 a month, but a three-month commitment is necessary, meaning a client would have to fork over a $750 investment. The fake girlfriend will show up on Facebook, Twitter or even World of Warcraft and call you soppy nicknames, appear jealous or ask when you are coming over."


Employers check social media sites to determine if a job applicant would make a good employee, and if a girl is interested in a dude she will look at his Facebook page to see if he is boyfriend material. If a lady examines a guy`s Facebook page, and it doesn`t feature pics of female friends, she may write him off as a loser.

Manti Teo`s fake girlfriend hoax caused him incalculable humiliation and may have ruined his chances of being drafted in the first round.

But renting a fake girlfriend from Fake Internet Girlfriend may enhance your social life. Men and women will want to hang around a dude who has a hot girlfriend who is always sending him lovey-dovey messages to his Facebook page.

A fake girlfriend isn`t exactly cheap to rent at $750 for a three-month commitment, but she`s a lot less expensive than a real girlfriend.

Maybe I should buy a fake girlfriend for life, it would save me thousands in the long run.

If the fake girlfriend scheme turns out to be a success, I`m sure we will soon see FakeInternetBoyfriend. Com.

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