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Published:February 22nd, 2013 14:03 EST
Do You Want To Be Incredibly Happy at Work?

Do You Want To Be Incredibly Happy at Work?

By SOP newswire2


Do you want to leap tall buildings with a single bound, get to the top, stay at the top, be happier at work than you imagined, and contribute something to your world?

You can do it! And you don`t need the super powers of an action hero. You need only a few minutes a day to DITCH. DARE. DO!

If you`re an executive serious about building your career while aligning who you are with what you do, or a leader in a company committed to retaining and engaging the best talent, you need DITCH. DARE. DO! It`s executive branding revolutionized for the challenges of a 21st century.

DITCH. DARE. Do! is the quick-start guide and deep-dive instruction manual every executive and employer needs to leverage the power of personal branding. It`s the definitive - and irreverent - career and corporate success guide for defining, aligning, and living the power of brand!

DITCH. DARE. DO! challenges long-held assumptions and habits, daring the reader with a `ditch` (a mindset that must be shattered), a `dare` (a challenge to up their game), or a `do` (a critical action that must be accomplished to ensure success). Readers who take on these challenges will advance their careers, support the corporate brand, and deliver greater value to their companies.

Acknowledging the impact of Web 2.0, texting, Twitter, and the perennial distractions of multi-tasking, DITCH. DARE. DO! is deliberately bold and brief-a series of powerful stand-alone two-page vignettes of relevant, actionable, fun and fast tips covering all aspects of personal branding.

William Arruda is credited with turning the concept of personal branding (introduced by Tom Peters) into a global industry. His company, Reach is the global leader with consultants in 30 countries and 20% of the Fortune 100 as clients. His leadership in the field has inspired thousand of coaches to become personal branding strategists. He has been featured on the BBC, the Discovery Channel and Fox News and in Forbes, Time and Entrpreneur. He is the author of the bestsellng book, Career Distinction (J. Wiley). Passionate about people potential, William travels the world with his message of personal branding for success and fulfillment.