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Published:February 22nd, 2013 12:26 EST

Video! Madness: Crazy Woman Calls 911 For Cigarettes

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in North Texas say a 48-year-old woman called 911 to have a deputy deliver cigarettes to her home.

Hood County sheriff`s Lt. Kathy Jividen says the woman, a Granbury resident, called 911 on Feb. 11 asking for the cigarettes. Jividen says the woman instead received a visit from two deputies and was arrested."


Fox News

Jividen may have thought she was making the deputies the butt of her joke, but it was her butt that landed in jail.

Misuse of the 911 is no laughing matter, and the foolish woman was charged with a misdemeanor count of abuse of 911.

The crazy woman was intoxicated when she called 911, it looks like she needs to give up cigarettes and booze.

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Click this link to see her mugshot. Homegirl should forget about calling 911, and get in touch with Jenny Craig: