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Published:February 24th, 2013 10:28 EST
What's Really Behind the Killing of Pimp Kenneth Cherry?

What's Really Behind the Killing of Pimp Kenneth Cherry?

By SOP newswire2

Kenneth Cherry had quite a few arrests in the SF Bay Area and at least one conviction. He seemed to have a fondness for violating the firearms laws of the state of California. He`s my new personal poster boy for how well gun control hasn`t worked.
Interestingly enough, there is a member of a condominium complex HOA who commented on the Las Vegas Sun webpage that Cherry was part of a gang of pimps who caused trouble at the complex and how their chief of security was rebuffed when she tried to report them to the LVPD. It seems one of the gang stole a resident`s car among other contributions to the peace and safety of the complex.
One thing you will soon learn, if you haven`t already, is that no matter what a gangster does, his family, friends, and community leaders will tell everyone how he really was a good guy, and he didn`t do anything wrong, and if he did it was all the fault of his hanging out with the wrong people or his jealous baby mama, inanimate objects, evil white men, the police, or the phase of the moon.  The great sadness of this is that the "community" reserves it`s greatest efforts for defending those who peddle poison, pimp little girls, and commit murder and otherwise work full time at destroying that selfsame community.
The upshot is that in places like Palo Alto, where I used to live, a black resident couldn`t walk down the street without the neighbors calling the police because the Asians and whites are terrified of blacks. A colleague of mine was routinely reported to police when he walked his dog down the street where he had grown up and where his black businessman father has lived for decades.
N. Adolf