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Published:February 27th, 2013 11:46 EST

Video! Miss Delaware Teen USA Gives Up Tiara After Adult Movie Surfaces!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Miss Delaware Teen USA has resigned after allegations that a porn video of her has surfaced on the internet.

Though previously denying any such video existed, Melissa King, 18, officially gave up her crown today.


A spokesperson for the Miss Teen USA pageant released a statement saying: `I would like to confirm the Miss Delaware Teen USA pageant has received a resignation letter from Miss King`s attorney.`"

Daily Mail

Melissa King says she was aware of the video, but denies appearing in it. Ms. King must have an identical twin, because the young lady who appears in the adult movie looks just like her.

We shouldn`t be shocked that a beauty queen, even one who is only 18, has appeared in an adult movie. Pornography, for better or worse, is now mainstream entertainment. Back in the Stone Age (before the advent of the Internet) a young boy had to hustle to get his hands on a used copy of Hustler or Penthouse, but now porn is available free of charge on computers, tablets, smartphones, and cable TV.

Women used to think that guys who were into porn were losers and deviants, but now the fair sex consumes as much adult material as gentlemen.

Children are so used to porn that girls don`t think it`s a big taboo to post naked, or at least topless pics of themselves online. Many girls don`t consider it shameful to aspire to be a porn actress, they see it as a simple and easy way to get into show business. Indeed there is little difference between soft-core porn and some of the programs aired on cable TV.

People may claim to believe in sexual liberation and support artistic expression that includes nudity, but the undeniable fact is that most companies won`t hire a qualified woman if they discover that she has posted topless pic of herself online.

We must teach our daughters that their worth as human beings has nothing to do with their physical attractiveness.

If a young woman posts nude pics of herself online or appears in adult movies it will hinder her career advancement.

Miss Delaware USA not only had to relinquish her tiara, but she also lost good name. Learn from her mistake, and don`t post any questionable images online.

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