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Published:March 1st, 2013 08:11 EST
Pimping Desperado Ammar Harris Finally Captured! Notorious BAD MONEY Video Surfaces!

Pimping Desperado Ammar Harris Finally Captured! Notorious BAD MONEY Video Surfaces!

By John G. Kays

Ammar Harris, 26, captured in LA yesterday. Hurrah! How did LA cops and the FBI know he was at this apartment complex (a Studio City apt. complex, 4100 block of Arch Drive)?

Now we know three women were with him when Harris shot 5 times into Ken Cherry`s speeding Maserati. The identity of only one has been revealed. And I just saw Harris` BAD MONEY video on YouTube this morning; most disturbing (footage ever) and most vile to behold!

Well, the one woman in the notorious Black Range Rover (impounded in Las Vegas last week), that ransacked the Neon-Lit Golden Intersection of Sin City in the sleepy hour last Thursday (February 21st), has been named as Tineesha Lashun Howard. 

I suspect Ammar may have pimping her; the Los Angeles Times hints that she somehow led to their finding Harris yesterday. Details of this lucky apprehension are still unclear.

Nonetheless, evidence of the actual shooting itself is getting sorted out and coming more clearly into focus; a great deal of photographic and audio evidence has been made available to investigators. 

This body of evidence is impressive and gives you the impression an action movie was being filmed that violently charged few minutes on the Strip. Cameras are rolling 24/7 on these coinage clinking casinos; cell phones from tourists videoed `til the cows come home!

No, this isn`t the fantasy of a new Bruce Willis action film; no, it`s the Real Deal! Three people dead, cars crashed out, turned in every direction imaginable. The burning cab was captured on cell phone film. 

Even an early argument between Cherry and Harris (that must have initiated this entire fiery shootout) at a hotel valet station was filmed. Don`t know if there was audio, `cuz I want to know what the row between Cherry and Harris was all about.

Was it over pimping territory? I suspect it was; hopefully, the nature of the row will come out. How did they know for certain Harris fired six shots? Well, a nearby cab stand recorded the sequence of shots. That`s a lot of shots! 

What type of firearm did Harris use? Have the cops confiscated the weapon employed by Harris yet? Another item that`s coming out, is that Harris and Cherry were yelling at each other from their vehicles, as they drove madly down Las Vegas Boulevard.

Apparently, this was just before Harris started his shooting. What was said between the two wheeling and dealing pimps? Clutch lost his life since he ticked off a madman, who just so happened to be carrying some lethal firepower. 

May be fodder for automatic weapon control legislation? Why did a dangerous, violent felon have such easy access to this weaponry? Harris is a walking dead case in point for necessary gun controls (especially a ban on semi-automatic firearms)!

And then we have Harris` tacky and tasteless YouTube video; he freely uses the N word and flashes 100 dollar bills around like they are play Monopoly money. Where`d he get all this filthy lucre? Did he want to get caught by the law? Why not conceal his trade secrets, so he could continue on uninterrupted? 

Shooting his gun (six times into a moving car) in the Time Square intersection of Las Vegas proves he probably wanted to get arrested! Perhaps the full story will be revealed some day. In the meantime, this sordid spot will get millions of curiosity-seeking tourists gawking; (the carnival barkers will say:) here`s where the Cherry/Harris Showdown went down!,0,2319150.story