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Published:March 3rd, 2013 18:03 EST

Two Warrants Issued For Arrest Of Ex-Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The long, strange journey of ex-Miss Teen Delaware USA Melissa King just keeps getting weirder. Just days after she resigned her crown for allegedly filming a p[o]rnographic movie for just $1500, two separate arrest warrants from the state of Maryland have come to light.

sopAccording to
CBS Local In Baltimore, the beauty queen was arrested on two separate occasions over the summer. The first time was for stealing money from a city bus fare box, and the second time was for underage possession of alcohol. Both of those offenses likely would have been mere slaps on the wrist, but apparently, she didn`t bother showing up to court to deal with either of them."


Cinema Blend.Com


Some folks are screaming that in light of King`s tawdry scandals, she`s in desperate need of an exorcist or Dr.Drew.

But I am on the opinion that the ex-Miss Teen Delaware USA needs a financial advisor a hell of a lot more than she needs to succumb to the absurd ministrations of a quack like Dr. Drew.

I would counsel any woman not to embark on a career in the p[o]rn industry, but if King was hell bent on filming an adult movie, she should have demanded a hell of a lot more than $1,500.

A financial advisor would have told the beauty queen that there is a lot less risk and a lot more reward committing identity theft than there is in stealing coins from a bus fare box.

Melissa King is an All-American girl, it`s a rite of passage for a girl to post n[a]ked pics on the Internet, and what underage teen hasn`t downed a few beers?

All this notoriety has increased King`s value as a celebrity endorser, in fact YouP[o]rn.Com has offered her $250,000 to be the company`s spokesperson, and she wouldn`t even have to take her clothes off. 

My advice for the lovely King is to turn down the offer from YouP[o]rn.Com; any association with the p[o]rn industry will hinder her efforts to earn legitimate success in the mainstream entertainment industry.

Girlfriend, it`s only a matter of time before a network offers you your own reality show. Soon you will be almost as big as Honey Boo Boo and Kim Kardashian.


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