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Published:March 4th, 2013 15:50 EST
JOYICE: A Voice for Oppressed Women Everywhere

JOYICE: A Voice for Oppressed Women Everywhere

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By JS Basnet

This new novel raises awareness for women`s rights around the world

While the majority of women in the western world enjoys full freedom and rights, it is also too easy to see how quickly they could be stripped  away. Any woman, regardless of race, status, or nationality, is at risk of falling victim to the inherent traps and pitfalls of a society. Still, there are voices speaking out fighting not only for their own rights, but the rights of those unable to speak for themselves.

Author and women`s rights advocate, JS Basnet, writes about one woman`s struggle for freedom in her uplifting new novel, Joyice. Drawn from her own life in Nepal and her human rights research, Ms. Basnet tells the story of a young woman who finds herself trapped not only in an abusive marriage, but in a society that refuses to acknowledge her own dreams and desires. A story spanning the globe, Joyice speaks to anyone who has ever overcome difficult odds to break free and began his or her life again.

"Joyice reminds me of my own struggles in life," says Basnet. "She motivates me to fight against the corruption of our society and the hierarchy that has plagued and pushed women behind the veil of ignorance."

Topics covered in Joyice include:

  • Cultural differences regarding marital expectations in Western countries and South Asia.
  • How to overcome a traumatic relationship though self-expression.
  • The pressures on young women to set aside their personal goals, such as careers and studies, to become wives and mothers.
  • Life as an immigrant, as the character Joyice flees to other countries to escape from the situation.

JS Basnet was born in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.  She earns Bachelor`s degree. She moved to the United States over ten years ago and currently resides with her two sons in Gainesville, Virginia. Ms. Basnet has previously been published in South Asia Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR) with her article, Girl Trafficking in Nepal: An Overview. Joyice is her first novel and Ms. Basnet hopes to write novels about changing times, cultural dilemmas, and family values as she moves on with her intellectual endeavors.


Joyice is available in print from, and

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