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Published:March 5th, 2013 08:10 EST
Full Dimensions of Florida Sinkhole Story and Death of Jeff Bush Still Reverberating!

Full Dimensions of Florida Sinkhole Story and Death of Jeff Bush Still Reverberating!

By John G. Kays

From a distance, the full dimensions of the Florida sinkhole story, and a man who lost his life (Jeff Bush, 37) in a highly unusual manner, are still reverberating! It`s only been 5 days since Jeff Bush was consumed by the chasm of a sinkhole, and yet it seems as if several years have gone by, what with the suffering, shock, and loss of the family, and especially Jeremy Bush, who ventured the sink hole last Thursday, attempting to rescue his vanished brother.

These dramatic events are playing out LIVE on multiple media outlets (if not all media conduits), and this is adding to the mix in mostly negative ways; that is, the family can`t grieve in private, since every tear of loss and pain is another film clip as fodder for a hungry audience, who wish to witness every stroke of the tractor jaws, as the demolition crew dismantles the humble blue Seffner home, exposing a gaping natural chasm. 

The humble blue frame house is gone now; yet we do still have photos of it before it was leveled. The family got what they could of precious memorabilia on Sunday, which included family photos and a large Bible which was taken out by Wanda Carter, the daughter of Leland Wicker (Leland owned this house). Three carloads of belongings were retrieved.

It`s interesting to note, the Bush Brothers don`t own the home, but rather were living there; Rachel Wicker is Jeremy Bush`s girlfriend, and in turn, Rachel is the granddaughter of Leland Wicker. It`s unclear exactly who was living in the house at the time Jeff Bush was consumed by a newly emerging sinkhole. Also unclear, are the exact width and depth of this culprit sinkhole. 

It may be as deep as 100 feet and perhaps, 30 feet wide. The Hillsborough County Coroner has made it certain that Jeff Bush has perished in the one off, odd accident. Moreover, the authorities will not even attempt to retrieve his body, essentially making the sinkhole his final resting place. This is a troubling thought for those of us on the outside. Just imagine how hard it is for family members, knowing his remains are permanently lost to the majestic chasm!

Jeremy has spoken out to the media circus (who`ve swamped the quaint Seffner, Florida community), complaining that the authorities didn`t try all that hard to get his brother out. I will point out, however, some of the ground soil is still collapsing! Even neighbors are experiencing the effects of this unusual phenomenon, which seems to plague this West/Central Florida corridor, close to Tampa.

Some geologists are entering the picture too, bringing science and the grace of logical explanations to a situation that may be better explained by superstition, irrationality, or folklore. I do sense a feeling of dread draping over this community, as many fear the same thing will happen to them. Many residents are already moving out of their house, as more of the earth (fragile porous limestone breaks up from water flow) in their vicinity suddenly collapses. Science can explain it, but still?

While there has been quite a few of these incidents of newly created sinkholes, when nature does its thing, examples of a person dying are rare. And with social media being a new kid on the block, this incident of Jeff Bush (his name is coincidentally similar also) swallowed alive, like Jonah the Whale, is vividly singular and memorable. Will it be made into a movie? That`s stupid, it`s already a film! It`s been released instantly to experience on your home entertainment unit.,0,2924936.story