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Published:March 6th, 2013 14:27 EST
Author Gwendolyn Cowgill to Appear on The American Perspective

Author Gwendolyn Cowgill to Appear on The American Perspective

By SOP newswire2

Judyth Piazza to interview Gwendolyn Cowgill, Author of  "And Then There Was Cuba" on The American Perspective Today.

Gwendolyn Cowgill`s book,  "And Then There Was Cuba" was recently published by Sarah Book Publishing. 

Sarah Book Publishing is a full-service publisher with a traditional touch. They pride themselves on working side by side with Authors and Agents to publish the highest quality books. Unlike many publishers, Sarah Book Publishing never requires money from an author for editing, printing or publishing services, and always strives to find exceptional material to publish.

"And then there was Cuba," which was published by Sarah Book Publishing is an adventurous work of fiction, historically based on the true-life story of a family who gave up a comfortable, stable life in Indiana to move lock, stock and barrel to undeveloped La Gloria, Cuba.

The story is written in the voice of Elfie Irene, beginning at the age of twelve, and continuing as she matures in the dense jungles of dangerous Cuba; dangerous because of political turmoil and the influx of pirates, bandits, and ruffians infesting the burgeoning town of La Gloria.

Stay tuned in to The American Perspective to hear the passion and inspiration behind "And Then There Was Cuba" and why Gwendolyn`s true-life story will touch your heart and soul.


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