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Published:March 6th, 2013 08:18 EST
Is Jimi Hendrix ('People, Hell and Angels') Resurrected from the Dead A Final Time?

Is Jimi Hendrix ('People, Hell and Angels') Resurrected from the Dead A Final Time?

By John G. Kays

If these are demo tracks (Jimi Hendrix - People, Hell and Angels), let me have more of where that`s coming from! 12 new sides from Stone-Free Myth-of-A-Rock God; made my day! Got my mighty fine new Audio-Technica headphones to fathom Hendrix (just out of the can) sides with, so it`s 1969 once again (A New Day Is Dawning), as far as I`m concerned. I`m noticing a slight loss of hearing now, so the headphones are like hearing aids to me. Eureka! The charts are Jimi`s once again (in `bout two seconds flat).

Yea, all 12 are keepers; thanks to Eddie Kramer for bringing Jimi back to life for us evangelical devotees of every finger-touch to his (usually Strat) fretboard! Let me get one beef out of the way, so I can get to the superlatives and quarter, power adjectives in a jiffy. No liner notes or digital booklet (if you must)! It`s a bummer to have to go over to Wiki to obtain the musician credits, studios used, and dates of the recordings. And what about historical perspective or legacy contrivance (or Jimi`s intellectual mindset, post Electric Ladyland)?

I`d recommend that Legacy add some liner-notes on to their package, if they can get someone with the credentials to do a historical perspective of People, Hell and Angels (Ed Ward is the only music critic I can think of who has the clout to pull this off). I`ll let it go. Beautiful sonics all the way through! Rhapsodics won`t cut the mustard! Let Me Move You is your Wah Wah track of the day, in case your looking for a workshop on how that pedal should be properly used.

Did Jimi have another party pumping the Wah Wah? I don`t see how he could get the fluctuation count to vibrate that fast. Nice organ pass, but don`t know who`s playing. That`s Lonnie Youngblood on vocal and soprano saxophone, I believe. Category: Psychedelic Rocking Soul? Let Me Move You was recorded at the Record Plant on March 18, 1969. Red burning hot sonic coals of bluesy passion, 44 years later (gathering moss in a can - my life`s almost over, I implore you)!

May sound stupid, but no matter where I click my mouse, I win a jackpot on this new disc! I began with Easy Blues at about 3 AM this morning, before I had even brewed my coffee, so I`ll pick on it. For now, this is my favorite track on People. Instrumental clocking in at 5 minutes, 57 seconds. Interesting interaction between guitar rhythm track, provided by Larry Lee, and Jimi, who takes the lead, nicely blending and blurring the line with Larry Lee. 

Hendrix makes this into a sort of blues/rock workshop, eking out fascinating key/progression structures that fluctuate between rock and blues, and chord rhythms versus single note scale riffs, mostly high register. Larry Lee has the tone turned down, so the two compliment one another with a wide band of mellow string sonics. Conceived after Woodstock, August 28, 1969 at Hit Factory, there`s magic here, fodder of blues/rock break-through!

Mitch Mitchell pounds lumber wonderfully, in his characteristically syncopated and splashy style, beaucoup rolls; it just works against where Jimi drifts off to - both are flamboyant - listen for Mitch`s rolls against Jimi`s high end workout for maximum subliminal bliss, at the intersection of where blues metamorphosize (verb) to jazzy, experimental rock! You might put that in your pipe and smoke it - Granny`s delicious smoked Craw-Daddies!

You`re in for a treat; listen to Hey Gypsy Boy (track 10) and see if you detect what Jimi was playing as kids hit the exits or picked up trash at Woodstock (found my lost `Stock double DVD). But it evolves somewhat at Woodstock; it`s like it`s all over with (the 1960s) and provides a perfect epilogue to the historic music festival, where Hendrix gives the Farewell Elegy on his weary, crying Fender Stratocaster. Maxim: By the time my piece is published, People, Hell and Angels will be Number One on itunes and Billboard!