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Published:March 8th, 2013 23:04 EST
Do Americans Pay Israeli Tax?

Do Americans Pay Israeli Tax?

By SOP newswire2

$1000 for every Israeli citizen from the American tax payer, every year!

As political prisoners, held without trial, are tortured and killed in their cells, Israel is estimated to receive US$6 billion every 12 months from the American tax payer in so-called `aid` and loan guarantees. That equates to about $1000 for every Israeli, every year.

This is notwithstanding that Israel has one of the highest standards of living in the Western world as opposed to nearly 50 million Americans who are living below the poverty line; 1.5 million are homeless and one in 12 is unemployed. One in every 5 children now receive `food aid` and there are soup kitchens to feed the poor in more than a dozen states.

How is this paradox possible? The answer is frightening: the majority of those elected to Congress are intimidated by the powerful Israel lobby to support its agenda otherwise they will not be elected, or re-elected. And that disturbing, anti-democratic fact is why the American tax payer has no choice but to give $1000 annually to every Israeli, who already lives better than the vast majority of his fellow Americans.

It`s called `democracy` in America, whereby an unelected, minority pressure group decides US government policy in favour of a foreign state, in preference to the interests of its own citizens.

It is a political agenda that is unique to America. No other government in the world pursues such a perverse policy to the apparent detriment of both its own people and that of another nation, the largest indigenous people of Palestine, the five million Muslim Arabs.

By Douglas Reed