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Published:March 8th, 2013 12:05 EST

Dude Returns Library Book Overdue For 50 Years

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Scottish man was spared a $4,067 fine when he returned a library book overdue for 50 years during an amnesty period.

David Black, 60, said he borrowed the art book about Spanish painter Goya in September 1962 and it was overdue for 18,417 days, amassing a fine of $4,067 that was dismissed when he returned it to the Edinburgh Fine Art Library during an amnesty week."



In the old days, when I still patronized my local library, I used to hate to fork over a nickel or a dime for a book that I returned a couple of days late.

I can`t imagine keeping a library book for more than a week after it`s due, let alone for 50 years. In our mobile and transient society most of us have moved a few times thousands of miles apart in a fifty year time period. It`s amazing that this gentleman still had the overdue library book, and even more amazing that he still lived by the library where he checked it out.

If somebody checks out a library book today, and keeps it for 50 years, the library, indeed libraries in general will no longer exist. Who needs a library in this age of Google, Wikipedia and e-books?

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