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Published:March 9th, 2013 11:27 EST

Video! Lady, 82, Dragged Off Train For Refusing To Sop Singing Gospel Hyms

By Robert Paul Reyes

The Miami Metrorail train system has a policy that prohibits passengers from singing or playing instruments.

Most commuters are grateful for this policy, they don`t want to be disturbed while they travel to work or ride home after a hard day`s work.


The policy makes no exceptions for senior citizens or the mentally unbalanced.

The video below depicts Emma Anderson, 82, dragged off a train by a security guard, after he warned her repeatedly to stop singing.

The old woman is a scofflaw who thinks the rules don`t apply to her. It`s not OK for her to break the rules because she was singing   Gospel hymns. Anderson is dishonoring her God by failing to comply with man`s laws.

I fault the security officer only for not calling for back-up; two officers could have escorted or carried the elderly lawbreaker out of the train without causing her injury.

The sad part about this incident isn`t that the senior citizen suffered a couple of bruises, what really hurts is that it`s only a matter of time before she sues and is awarded hundreds of thousands.

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