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Published:March 10th, 2013 12:25 EST

Outrage! 8 School Buses Stolen, Found In Scrap Yard Chopped In Pieces

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Chicago police are investigating the theft of eight school buses that were later found chopped in pieces at a West Side scrap yard.

The buses were discovered missing from Sunrise School Bus and Charter garage on Chicago`s southeast side early Friday when workers turned up. The buses` onboard GPS tracking systems allowed authorities to locate the buses a short time later at the scrap yard. According to police the buses had been taken apart."


Fox News

School buses are ubiquitous, it`s almost impossible to drive in the morning without seeing at least one or two of the distinctive buses.

School buses are a symbol of normality, when you see one you know that all is right with the world; children are being transported to school where they will be educated and learn how to be good citizens.

For thieves to steal eight school buses, worth about $75,000 each, and chop them in pieces to be sold as scrap is a crime beyond comprehension.

The scrap yard where the school buses were found chopped in pieces should be confiscated by the authorities and sold with the profits given to the schools in Chicago.

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