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Published:March 11th, 2013 16:15 EST

Batty Brit Finds Bird Sewn Into Slipper

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British man said he discovered a dead bird sewn inside a pair of slippers he recently bought from a Primark store in Blackburn.

Jonathan Gregory, 27, said he had been wearing the slippers for about a month -- he bought them in January -- when he made the discovery, The Sun reported Sunday.


He said he noticed something rubbing against his foot in one of the slippers and initially thought it was a piece of plastic, but then saw that it was a beak attached to a head."


I find this story hard to believe, if I bought slippers with a dead bird sewn inside, I would have felt and smelled the bird after only a few minutes.

My pooch is always burying my socks and slippers in the backyard, she would have eaten the slipper with the bird inside in no time.

The Primark store gave Gregory a $6.00 refund, and they claim he bought the slippers a year ago. Obviously they think he`s a lunatic, and they should want him to go away.

This dude has bats in the belfry, and if there was a dead bird inside his slipper, I`m guessing he put it there himself.

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