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Published:March 11th, 2013 16:38 EST

Heaven On Earth: Dudes Sell Weed From Purple Ice Cream Truck

By Robert Paul Reyes

Police in Texas said they pulled over an ice cream truck with expired registration and discovered suspected marijuana.

The El Paso County Sheriff`s Office said deputies pulled over the purple ice cream truck, which had a cracked windshield, in Alameda Saturday and one of the two occupants fled on foot before being caught by deputies, the El Paso Times reported Monday.


Deputies said Elijah Sanchez, 19, was found carrying two Tupperware containers filled with a substance believed to be marijuana."


Dudes if you are going to use your cool purple ice cream truck to sell weed, don`t give the cops a chance to pull you over. Immediately after you post bail repair the windshield and get your vehicle properly registered.

A purple ice cream/weed truck is such a fantastic idea; you can buy marijuana and take care of the munchies at the same time.

I`ve used Tupperware containers to store all kinds of nasty leftovers, but a Tupperware container filled with grass is like a gift from the gods.

I hope the Man doesn`t come down too heavy on these young entrepreneurs.

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