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Published:March 13th, 2013 15:06 EST

Video! Bombshell Hooters Ballgirl Interferes With Fair Ball

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Hooters girl serving as a ballgirl at a Philadelphia Phillies-Tampa Bay Rays game in Florida said she was anxious when she caught a fair ball.

Priscilla Daughtry, one of the Hooters calendar girls serving as ballgirls in foul territory for the spring training game in Clearwater, caught the grounder and tossed it to a young fan, before the boos of the crowd showed her she had just interfered with the play."



The Hooters girl showed great form when she caught the fair ball, and she exhibited good sportsmanship when she tossed the ball to a young fan.

Priscilla made the young boy and thousands of fans at the ball game very happy. The Hooters girl`s short graciously left half of her buttocks uncovered, why doesn`t MLB sign a contract with Hooters to provide ballgirls for all regular season games?

I don`t know why any fans booed, Priscilla may have interfered with the play, but she gave the cameraman an excuse to focus on her.

Hooter girl serving as a ballgirl, hot dogs, cold beer, sunny day, is there anything better than a day at the old ballpark?

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