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Published:March 15th, 2013 12:05 EST

Illuminati Puppet Nicki Minaj Late For Live American Idol Show

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Nicki Minaj doesn`t yet have the music industry accolades of fellow judges Mariah Carey, Keith Urban or Randy Jackson, but when it comes to playing the diva card, the young rapper has them all beat.

We`re told Minaj seriously irked the professionals surrounding her when she turned up late to the first `American Idol`" 2013 live show on Wednesday, 15 minutes after it went to air, donning a dark hoodie and sunglasses as she slipped into her spot on stage.

`Stuck in traffic,` she tweeted en route, although she did not discuss her tardiness during the show."

Fox News

When American Idol producers selected the rude, profane, illiterate and untalented Illuminati puppet Nicki Minaj to serve as a judge they disrespected the loyal fans of the long-running show.

The producers prized glitz and drama over the family values that had been a trademark of the  popular program.

Now Nicki Minaj is disrespecting the show that gave her a platform to reach a broader audience than the hip hop crowd that made her famous. The rapper disrespected her fellow judges, the live audience, and millions of viewers, by showing up late for the live show.

Minaj is paid millions for her easy gig on Idol; she should show up an hour early to make sure she is always on time.

American Idol ratings are in the gutter, but there are still millions who watch it. Isn`t it time you bailed on this profane show? Say no to the Illuminati princess; say no to the greedy producers who wrecked a show that used to be family-oriented; say no to reality TV nonsense and filth.

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