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Published:March 15th, 2013 11:08 EST

Nadya Suleman (Octomom) Has A License To Smoke Weed

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Celebrity mom Nadya Suleman has obtained a medical marijuana card, giving her the license to smoke pot to deal with her anxiety.

A source told TMZ that the mother of fourteen got her card two days after she checked out of rehab for Xanax addiction.


The source said the marijuana that Suleman consumes is primarily embedded in cookies and other bakery products, adding that octomom believes her children are not at risk despite her "temporary disappearance` to smoke pot."


If you have 14 kids, all of them very young, you should not only qualify for a license to smoke medicinal marijuana, but the state should back a Mack truck into your back yard and dump enough weed to last you until all of your children leave home.

Octomom hates smoking so she consumes the marijuana embedded in cookies and other bakery products. Octomom has so much stress dealing with her brood; she probably eats a pound cake embedded with weed in one sitting. The freaky mother is going to gain back all the weight she recently lost, girlfriend keep Jenny Craig on speed dial.

Octomom has only herself to blame for her predicament, she conceived her octuplets via in vitro fertilization when she already had six kids.

Octomom you made your bed, now lie in it with your 14 kids, and marijuana cookies. You deserve your fate; I worry only about the innocent children.

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