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Published:March 17th, 2013 16:49 EST

American Idol Must Fire Nicki Minaj

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Singer/rapper Nicki Minaj showed up late Wednesday night to `American Idol,` and nearly walked out on the show Thursday night.

`American Idol`s` ratings are in free fall, It`s no mystery why. Minaj is largely to blame. The Fox network needs to boot her off the show and quick before even more viewers abandon `American Idol` for `The Voice ` when it returns on March 25."

The Washington Times

I write about politics, religion, and current events, but I am primarily known as a pop culture critic. I pride myself in knowing what`s hot in pop culture. I keep up with the young kids consider sweet, as well as with what plays well with the older set.


When I first heard that Nicki Minaj had been tapped to be an American Idol judge I knew that Middle America would never accept her.  Idol owed its success to middle-aged adults in the heartland as much as it did to teenyboppers in urban areas, and Minaj with her Illuminati imagery and her ghetto sensibilities was a bad fit for a family-oriented program.


Minaj has transformed Idol from a wholesome singing competition to a reality TV nightmare where crudeness and thuggery prevails.


I`ve felt like a voice crying in the wilderness, but finally another pop critic has joined me in placing the blame for Idol`s steep drop in the ratings squarely on the shoulders of Nicki Minaj.


Idol producers need to swallow their pride, admit they made a huge mistake, and send Minaj packing. You will never catch middle-aged adults flashing Illuminati signs, singing along to Super Bass or tuning in to Idol as long as Minaj is still a judge.


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