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Published:March 17th, 2013 13:32 EST

Russian Orthodox Group Wants Alaska Back! Take Sarah Palin Also!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A fundamentalist Russian Orthodox group has filed a lawsuit claiming President Barack Obama`s support of gay marriage invalidates the 1867 sale of Alaska.

The Pchyolki -- a group best-known for advising its members to use violence if necessary to protect churches from blasphemers like the rock group P***y Riot."



I`m not sure exactly how Obama`s embrace of marriage equality invalidates the 1867 sale of Alaska, but you can`t expect logic and reason from religious fanatics.

In spite of the fact that Alaska has untold billions in oil reserves I don`t mind if we return Alaska to Russia, as long as the Russians take Sarah Palin with them, and they include P***y Riot to sweeten the deal.

In America P***y Riot would be celebrated as secular saints, we certainly need the crusaders for free speech in our so-called democracy.

Once Palin is safely ensconced in Russia I don`t want to hear a peep out of her --  no nonsense about her being able to see her old house in Alaska from Russia.

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