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Published:March 17th, 2013 21:05 EST

Scientists Successfully Clone Extinct Frog Embryos

By John Pustelnik

Scientists have successfully cloned embryos of extinct gastric-brooding frogs.



This species of frog went extinct in 1983.


The researchers used tissue from the frogs that was collected during the 1970`s. The tissues were kept frozen for decades.


The frog is unique, in that is swallowed its own eggs and gave birth through its mouth.


Although scientists were able to clone the embryos, none of the embryos survived for more than a few days.


The scientists that cloned the embryos are certain that the hurdles they face in cloning the frog in its entirety are technological, not biological.


"We`ve demonstrated already the great promise this technology has as a conservation tool when hundreds of the world`s amphibian species are in catastrophic decline," said Professor Mike Archer of the University of New South Wales, head researcher of the project. "We`ve reactivated dead cells into living ones and revived the extinct frog`s genome in the process. Now we have fresh cryo-preserved cells of the extinct frog to use in future cloning experiments."


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