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Published:March 21st, 2013 07:38 EST
Why Did Natasha Jugo Go to Gilgo Beach? Was Someone Following Her?

Why Did Natasha Jugo Go to Gilgo Beach? Was Someone Following Her?

By John G. Kays

Natasha Jugo`s 2009 blue Toyota Prius is found abandoned Sunday on the south side of Ocean Parkway (which is in Nassau County, New York). At 11:20 AM on Sunday 911 received a call, a resident of Gilgo Beach reported finding a driver`s license and wallet on the beach near Ocean Walk. Furthermore, some clothing items were found down on the beach, resembling ones Natasha Jugo was seen wearing on Saturday when she left her home in Queens. Along with a light-splotched NYPD photo, confusion reigns!

That is, footprints from Natasha`s Prius to the beach where the clothing was found (which includes a bathrobe she was seen wearing) apparently trace her path. Yet the first question that pops up in my head, is how close (or how far away) were the clothing items to the spot on the beach where the driver`s license and wallet were found? 

If they were a sizable distance apart, this would indicate to me some type of intervention or interference with Natasha at this beach shore. While it doesn`t entirely prove the presence of a second party, it is highly suggestive of this reality, where foul play is easily suspected. I mean, why would Natasha toss out her DL and wallet down by the water? And why would she take off some of her clothing? Very suspicious and troubling!

The greatest source of consternation and sustained apprehension comes from the eerie locale (really, haunted), Gilgo Beach. I can`t even begin to wrap my mind around this; the Long Island Serial Killer hasn`t yet been nabbed, but a Nassau police spokeswoman has emphasized there`s no apparent connection between a missing Natasha Jugo and a cache of bodies found along the skanky Ocean Parkway beach front? Maureen Roach is opening a can of worms by denying a known connection!

The thing is, all along, this mystery Long Island killer has been evading detection with shards of treacherous cunning; Shannon Gilbert was discounted as having any connection to the women who were victims of the Long Island Serial Killer. And now they`re discounting a tie-in with Natasha Jugo. This may be a premature assessment; the way this guy operates, yea, he avoids detection. That`s not to say this isn`t just another odd one-off coincident. It could very well be; but there are eerie similarities in the two MOs.

Natasha`s mother said that her daughter thought someone was following her; you might remember, when Shannon Gilbert ran into the thicket, she was fleeing from someone who was chasing after her. Shannon feared for her life; was it the Long Island mystery man who was chasing after her? Later, the authorities claimed she was delusional. Will they say now, Natasha Jugo was delusional? Maybe someone really was trailing her?

Again, the news stories available on Natasha Jugo are sparse, and some unsavory contradictions exist. What time did she really leave the city? Some articles say 4:30 AM, Saturday and some say 4:30 PM. It makes a big difference! I suspect it was 4:30 PM; why would she leave at 4:30 in the morning? That doesn`t make any sense! And did anybody hear her say where she was heading to? Why would she be heading to Gilgo Beach, of all places?

And why was she dressed so oddly when leaving home? Pink pajama bottoms, a gray hooded sweatshirt, a black robe, black coat, and black boots; a neighbor (her home is on the Bayside and Queens Village border) sees her donning this unusual (to me) wardrobe. Did Natasha meet someone in the interim (between Queens and Gilgo Beach)? Good detective work should not be hasty in making unrealized connections, but at the same time, should not be opaque to such connections, if they`re slapping you in the face!