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Published:March 22nd, 2013 13:32 EST
Richard Lee Taylor Presents A Stroke of Divine Intervention: A Life Destined for Death - Saved by a Stroke

Richard Lee Taylor Presents A Stroke of Divine Intervention: A Life Destined for Death - Saved by a Stroke

By SOP newswire2

Richard Lee Taylor had suffered from chronic depression his entire life only he didn`t know it was depression. He just thought that was the way that everybody felt. When he was in his middle teens he found relief for it through alcohol and pot. So for many years he self-medicated his ills through the use of these substances. He had no clue it was depression. He thought everything was fine.

  That was when his wife of nine years hit him with a divorce. One of his friends at work felt for him and took him into a back room at work and turned him on to a hit of crack cocaine. That is when Richard realized why all of his co-workers had been missing so much time at work lately. Many of them had become addicted to it. Richard had to find a way to save his friends from this devastating drug.

  He went home that night and contacted the Sheriff`s Narcotics Agency. He thought he was helping his friends. After quitting his job and moving a crack dealer in with him he was in the perfect position to get much needed information for the Agency. But the Agency didn`t see it that way. They went in and raided his place and made one bust, and then they left Richard out to dry.

  He goes into great detail in his book of how he tried to find help. Through it all, he ends up in prison. His life had been completely turned upside down. It is only when he gets out that he suffers a stroke from all of the stress he had been through. But somebody was looking out for him.

  After being in the hospital for three months not knowing who or where he was that he has a visitor. This visitor touched him and healed him of all of his disabilities. He has a new life. Who that visitor was we`ll leave up to you to figure out. When he leaves the hospital he goes to school to become a Certified Nurse`s Aide, but there was more to why he went there. It was unseen to him that he was to meet his future wife there. She is left handed, as was he, and had the same middle name of Lee. It was through these two coincidences that they recognized each other, and found it was no coincidence at all. This was a match made in heaven.

  He has gone on to study quantum physics, the universe, the near death experience, the psychology of human thinking, our reality, the nature of God, and anything else having to do with life. He has written another book called "Who`s Running the Planet?" that tells all that he has discovered about who we are, where we came from, and why we are here. It`s a very revealing book that needs to be read by all. 

  You can visit his website at to learn more and to get his books. They are a must read for those that are curious as to who they really are. He has done thirteen years of research to put it all together for you in one book. You`re going to love it. Contact him through his website to see how he can help you.