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Published:March 25th, 2013 17:17 EST

Reader Responds To Article: American Idol Must Fire Nicki Minaj

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I absolutely agree with every word you have written.  After being a huge American Idol fan all these years since the day it started, I am astonished that the Fox network is allowing such immature and petulant behavior on it now.  It distresses me that I am seeing one of my favorite reality shows being destroyed and turned into a sleazy street imitation of what it formerly was,.  It used to be a family show where the whole family could sit and relax and enjoy the music.  I think it`s been jinxed from the very start of that October incident, and I am really surprised that there was no suspension or any damage control. I believe that if the male judges made those sexist and non-affirmation action remarks to the contestants like Nicki Minaj does almost every night, i.e.  `I want to have your baby, I am obsessed with your legs`, and so on and so on, I think Fox would have hung Keith and Randy up by their toes or suspended them, yet they let Nicki get by with it ."


Email from a faithful SOP reader in response to my article entitled "American Idol Must Fire Nicki Minaj":

"Immature and petulant behavior" accurately describes the rapper`s modus operandi on the show. Minaj can`t act upstage the Diva Queen Bee Mariah Carey, she doesn`t have the breeding to match Keith Urban`s humility, charm, and good manners, and she hasn`t acquired the gravitas of Randy Jackson. The only way the Illuminati puppet can stand out is by acting like a colicky toddler.

Hip hop may be the most popular genre on top forty radio, but the urban aesthetic hasn`t captured the hearts of Middle America. Any rapper, especially one who is noted for her vulgar behavior, was destined to be a flop as a judge on "American Idol."

It`s the pop standards the contestants sing on Idol, not the latest rap songs that most middle-aged Americans appreciate. Minaj`s rap persona and her infatuation with Illuminati imagery are anathema to most Idol fans.

Minaj`s sexually-tinged remarks to contestants are disconcerting and inappropriate. Minaj is not on the show to score a hook-up, but to help mentor and offer useful advice to the young kids.

Idol used to be one of the few shows on network TV that parents could watch with their children, how sad that it`s degenerated into a Kardashian-like smut fest.

American Idol doesn`t have a lot of time to right the ship, the producers must toss Minaj overboard before the show hits rock bottom.

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