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Published:March 26th, 2013 14:44 EST
Thanks to TheSOP:  I Love Comments!

Thanks to TheSOP: I Love Comments!

By Ed Roberts

I finished cleaning out the feedback section tonight. When I started there were over 200 comments. These are the ones I saved this time.

I want to thank you again for having the SOP site to help me reach others with my poetry.

This is truly why I write. 

2013-03-16 18:25:03

Today is

Dear Ed I am fascinated with your life time memories, you have jotted them down in a most interesting way, I love shredded wheat for breakfast, my hubby is nearing first stages of Alzheimer`s, so your caption of memories truly touches my heart. Thank you so very much for the enjoyment you have filled my heart with..God`s Blessings to you and yours,very creative write...


2013-03-12 17:44:40

A Father and Son Chat

I do this. I talk to my Mother even though she`s been literally gone since Dec 2006. I dream about her too. Vivid dreams where she is talking to me. You must be grateful for a place to come and talk to your Father. I like the title of your poem and then the fact that...this entire poem was conversational...I could almost hear him answering back...even in the silences. Thank You.


2013-03-12 17:41:57

Cast the First Stone

Ed this is wonderful beyond words...for the truth, the bald honesty of it, the bravery and the endeavor to persevere against all odds. Religion is a changeable, maelable thing. Words and ideas can be so twisted and taken both literally and out of context. When I was five a Minister came to our home because my Mother called Father was violent and drinking and threatening to take my brothers with him. My Mother was hysterical. Years later, during my first communion (I was raised Presbyterian) he made mention of my familial challenges in a non-specific way during the communion was public and for me humiliating. I identify with Letha. She is fortunate to have an understanding/loving husband such as yourself. I will not set foot in a church. I embrace more the beliefs that your wife does. Thank you for this well-written, awe-inspiring poem. It is a testament to human perseverance and our will to do more than just survive in our lives, but thrive. I am moved.


2013-03-06 01:42:40

The Monster

I can relate to this, I have had my struggles like this. Almost exactly like this...I am slowly getting to the point where my monsters are tame, it`s nice to know someone can relate. Thanks for writing this


2013-03-02 23:15:22


Wow, this is so powerful. I know or hope that this helps those who hadn`t been through to better understand those who have been there like me. Good write.


2013-02-28 02:25:02


And other times, no matter how brief the life story is...the candle of it shines so brightly that it blots out everything else...and its message becomes a beacon in the darkness and an example to shine for everyone. Well told. Exceedingly well told. 


2013-02-19 20:14:33

The Stains of Yesterday

Aw, this is so terrible sad to hear the news about the two teenage white boys hated and killed the innocent black man for no reason. I guess they ignored studying the black history. 


2013-02-11 16:36:14

The Monster Within

This is really great. I was just writing a story about this kind of thing called Monster Inside, strange coincidence. Anyways I really that this was powerful. The first part of it I can relate to greatly, it kind of freaked me out to be honest. I really like the ending too. I like the part where you say they are always waiting for you to remember because I really understand what it means. It`s interesting, because we probably have completely different problems, yet we still feel the same types of emotions. That`s what I love about poetry, usually when you`re fighting some kind of emotion you feel alone, but poetry connects people. Pain connects people. I wish we could understand that better, maybe it wouldn`t be as hard to fight our monsters if we did. Anyways thanks for sharing this, it gave me chills.


2013-02-01 22:23:05

The Monster Within

Ed my monster was born in Iraq. It still hunts me whenever I let it. I have spent some time reading your poems this evening. I found something I needed more than even I knew, hope. 


2012-11-25 22:47:58

A Thanksgiving Message

I have been following your writing for nearly five years now my friend and sharing your words with many. I pray to Allah each day to allow your words to spread to those who need them and that somehow He will allow you to walk among us here in Egypt. You are needed here so badly. Many fight for guidance and are given false words from those who call themselves men of God. Under their breath they preach hate and violence. Please try and broaden your reach my Magi, so many need to stand underneath your light


2012-10-27 00:14:01

For Cade Rating: Excellent

One of the kids at our school stepped in front of a train. They said she couldn`t take it anymore. I guess there are times most of us feel this way. I spent some time reading your poems, I wish somehow she could have found her way here, it really might have helped. I hope you are trying to reach out to more of us, there are so many that really need your help. I`m going to tell my friends at school about your poetry, hopefully it might help them as much as it has me


2012-10-27 00:09:40


Wonderful poem! Having escapef from the patriarchal fundamentalist church of my childhood, this poem struck a deep chord within me. I have seen so many women subjugated to the will of their husbands, and forced to put on a smile for the cameras. But the one that I thought of immediately, from the first stanza, was Malala Yousufzai. I wish she could read this. Even more, I hope for freedom for oppressed women in the Middle East and indeed, all over the world. I`m sorry, this was supposed to be a review of your poem. Your words move me beyond merely offering advice on your writing. And that is perhaps the greatest tribute I could offer. Write on!


2012-08-24 09:41:22


When we met the other day I told you I had a friend that had problems when he came back from Vietnam. You gave me your web site and said there would be something here to help. There wasn`t a friend, only me. I`ve spent a few hours reading your poetry here. I feel you really do understand and you were right. I cried once again after reading this poem. We spent years being taught not to feel, no matter what goes on around us, what others did to us, or what we did to them. Ed, you actually made me feel again. I can`t tell you how much that means.


2012-08-20 09:06:01

Twenty-five Tries

I`ve been writing and teaching poetry for 25 years now. I just wanted to let you know you have taught me more than anything one can find in a book. I can`t imagine how hard it would be to read a poem at a loved ones funeral. I cried just reading this poem


2012-07-30 02:38:49

Book Returns

Ed, I have not signed any book because I have not published any book but I can see why it could be an emotional moments when you come across your book you signed and now returned to you. It could take you back in time and make you feel the emotions you felt while signing your book. We are in our writings. They become and stay part of us for ever. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Take care,


2012-07-30 01:05:50

Book Returns

My brother in law passed away on July 22. It has been a very sad week. He was a man for all seasons. I am sorry for your loss. blessings


2012-06-05 12:19:40

Letting Go

ah, you have described some key turning points in your life, passages, so to speak. you describe them eloquently and with reverence and with great appreciation and understanding for the lessons you have learned. we do try to hold on, tightly, but this can only prevent us from moving forward, from healing, from accomplishing. In each scenario you let go, and the outcome worked out as outcomes have their own way of doing, in simply boyfriend went through the last experience you describe in 2006, he had quadruple bypass surgery. I trust you are still doing well. Letting go is often the hardest thing to do...but in the end, it is the saving grace. thank you for sharing your own truth and story in the form of a beautiful poem. 


2012-05-07 05:08:10


very good poe one i needed to read take care god bless you motivated me will stay in touch thanks alot..


2012-04-30 11:17:58


very well-written and told. I feel I`m inside this young man`s head thinking his thoughts. Feeling his feelings. The last stanza and word of the poem hits you in the belly...almost as if you`ve been gut shot. Is this your story? I seem to recall something like this happening in the Midwest/Iowa...a real life story. It is important that we all know the real and continuing sacrifices all service men pay for their country. My Dad was a Marine in Korea. His entire family said he came back a completely changed man. Angry. Confused. A drinker. Please continue sharing your stories. We all need to listen. thank you. ...I read this through twice


2012-04-21 08:25:07

A Father and Son Chat 

Ed, This poem is so moving and touching! I admire the way you wrote in your other poem about diabetes and of how you will fight the disease. You have climbed many mountains courageously. May God bless you and keep you safe. Have a wonderful weekend!


2012-04-20 10:10:20

The Cup

Hi Ed, oh I like this so very much. Tell it like it is , simple and rich. Existential, what I like. We always need to be reminded what a gift life is. You did just that with this small, yet powerful poem 


2012-04-20 07:51:01


I am truly impressed with your candid testimony in this very wonderful write showing that God is in control.. you are a very brave and courageous man, dear friend in Jesus, your testimony of not giving in to illnesses is one that should be heard worldwide, and is an encouragement for all sufferers of all diseases, thanks so much for sharing your battle in a very brave and courageous way which does make sense! love with God`s Blessings to you and yours, will add you to my prayer list, my friend! for with God all things are possible!


2012-04-18 20:08:52


Sound true enough! It inspired this interesting thought: I was contemplating having a mid-life crisis, but I didn`t know how long I would live! (I`ll be 51 in July.)


2012-04-02 08:48:01

The Stains of Yesterday

One has to ask how does this even happen any longer. My father was a Grand Master in the KKK when I was growing up. It wasn`t until I left home at 17 did I learn just how sick of a man he really was. I was told about your site Ed by a teacher friend of mine. Just wanted to let you know I asked my son to read every poem you have posted here. God I wish I could somehow have made my father do the same.I can not believe people more people haven`t heard of your writing, believe me I am going to tell my friends they need to come here as well as send their children. We need a voice to stand up against those who would spread this hate. I believe with all my heart that this voice is yours.


2012-03-23 16:15:59

Who`ll Cry for Misha

I agree, we do have to find a way. Perhaps you have done so in writing this poem, Ed? Yes, you have. This poem is achingly beautiful. It was so much like the keening at an Irish wake. When you repeat the words, she died so lonely, in such a needless way...there are multiple meanings...lonely in the sense that she could have not been alone in this, she could have been helped, but was not, and lonely too in that death is so lonely when it takes someone so young, so before their time should ever come. This deserves to be published where many eyes can see it. Perhaps you might contact an organization which does AIDS relief. Give them your permission to use your copyrighted material to be used as part of their message/campaign? I reread this poem 4x. It kept and held my attention every time I read it. You have managed to create a thing of great beauty here out of inexplicable tragedy. Perhaps you can give Misha second life in telling her story? Excellent work. thank you.