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Published:March 26th, 2013 14:25 EST
'The Italian American Oprah' to interview Sarah Book Publishing Author Ryan Fleming

'The Italian American Oprah' to interview Sarah Book Publishing Author Ryan Fleming

By SOP newswire2

`The Italian American Oprah` Judyth Piazza to interview Sarah Book Publishing author Ryan Fleming about his new book `Galling Fire` on The American Perspective Radio Program later today.

Fleming`s book, Galling Fire is a war story about three brothers thrust into an extraordinary situation. Barely out of their teens, Ephraim, George, and Ely Watson are all trying to survive the heart-wrenching bloodshed as soldiers enlisted in the 17th Connecticut - a regiment under the command of Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant. Their operation proves to be quite dangerous, especially since their regiment is going hand-to-hand and toe-to-toe with the belligerent rebel mastermind, Confederate Commander General Robert E. Lee.

Judyth looks forward to finding out what Ryan`s inspiration was behind the book, when he first knew he wanted to be an author and why he choose Sarah Book Publishing to publish his new book. 

Sarah Book Publishing is a one-stop shop that provides professional services designed to print, publish, market and present to the reader the works of both experienced and inexperienced authors and Ryan is one of them to add to the list. 

Tune in here today to The SOP Radio Network and The American Perspective to hear new author, Ryan Fleming`s journey into the world of becoming a published author.  

To Find out more about Sarah Book Publishing, visit:

You may purchase the book, Galling Fire from the Sarah Book Publishing website: Free shipping. All year round or you can purchase it on Amazon Kindle.