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Published:March 27th, 2013 12:55 EST
Fireball Falls from Sky, Injures Two

Fireball Falls from Sky, Injures Two

By John Pustelnik

A fireball descended from the sky and injured two women in India.

Sushil Kumar, a local resident of Dharamsala, India, witnessed the fireball fall from the sky and break into pieces before falling to the ground. He reported that the fireball was about 12 inches in length before is shattered.

"A fighter jet had passed through the sky just a moment before the fireball fell," said Kumar.

Saroj, 31, and Arti, 21, were identified as the two injured women. They were doing housework when the fireball fell from the sky.

"I was washing clothes with my neighbor near my house when I heard the sound of an aircraft passing by and a few moments after that a burning object fell near us. It fragmented into several small pieces and some of which fell on us," said Saroj.

The two suffered minor burns.

The origin of the fireball is currently being investigated.

"We are investigating the case. According to our knowledge, some army exercises are going on near Pathankot and our guess is that it could be some explosive used by them. It could have fallen from an aircraft, as several fighter jets pass through the area every day," said Balbir Thakur, superintendent of police in Kangra.  "However, we can`t say anything exactly and are collecting information about it."

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