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Published:March 28th, 2013 09:47 EST

Doggone Miracle: One-Eyed Dog Returns Home After Two Years

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Clifton family who gave away their half-blind dog got a sweet surprise.

Two years ago, the Sloan family adopted Carrot. The hound was blind in her left eye and with two small children, they decided to give her to another family in Price Hill.

Last week, Carrot came back to the Sloans."


I`m not going to judge the Sloans for giving away Carrot to another family, they had two small children and another dog. They did the responsible thing by giving away Carrot to another family, instead of just letting her loose on the streets.

The Sloan family gave Carrot to a family in another city, but after two years an emaciated Carrot returned to her home.

The Sloans nursed the pooch back to health, and now that their kids are a little bit older they decided to keep the one-eyed canine.

Adopting a cat or a dog is like adopting a child; you should never give away your beloved pet just because he`s old or not in the best of health.

There are thousands of cats and dogs waiting to be adopted at animal shelters, bring home a pet that will give you years of happiness and love.

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