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Published:March 30th, 2013 12:03 EST

Pope Francis' Simplicity Is Next To Godliness

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi said the pope had shortened some of the lengthy Easter ceremonies as part of his `desire for simplicity`."


Yahoo News

Popes tend to pontificate, as popes are wont to do, in a pompous and dogmatic way, droning on for hours, boring the faithful to death.

Pope Francis has cut down the crap (i.e. done away with the pomp and circumstance), and shortened the lengthy Easter ceremonies.

I prize minimalism above almost everything else, all of my essays are concise, and if I were a preacher my sermons wouldn`t be more than 20 minutes long.

Thank goodness we finally have a pope who places a higher premium on listening to people than hearing the sound of his own voice.

Happy Easter to all my readers!

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