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Published:April 1st, 2013 14:32 EST

Outrage: Joan Rivers Hates On Adele Because She's Chubby! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The TV personality  who initially branded the 24-year-old singer fat when she won an Academy Award for her James Bond theme `Skyfall` - hit out at the `Rolling in the Deep` singer by accusing her of being overweight, and joked she has taken an advertisement out on Adele`s butt to say sorry for her initial jibes.

Speaking in a HuffPost Live interview, she said: It`s not mean. She`s a chubby lady who`s very, very rich, and she should just calm down - or lose weight!"



Joan Rivers thinks being a comedian gives her carte blanche to mock Adele`s physical appearance, specifically her weight.

I consider myself funny, at least as funny as Joan Rivers, and my specialty is mocking celebs. Please indulge me as I give Rivers a taste of her own medicine.

Joan, honey, your face is stretched so tight, you must take Vicoden whenever you smile. You may fantasize about writing on Adele`s butt, but I would love to write "Crass" on your forehead, after all a message written by Magic Marker will remain forever on a plastic surface.

It`s asinine to make fun of a singer`s weight, who cares how much Adele weighs as long as she can sing like an angel? That`s like ridiculing a plumber`s butt crack; as long as he can unstop my toilet I could care less that he doesn`t look like GQ.

Joan, shouldn`t you worry more about the Grim Reaper being only inches behind you, than about Adele`s weight?

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