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Published:April 2nd, 2013 08:01 EST
Are Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse`s Murders Related? Who`s Behind It?

Are Mike McLelland and Mark Hasse`s Murders Related? Who`s Behind It?

By John G. Kays

It`s as simple as this, who killed Kaufman County district attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia? Who was behind lead felony prosecutor Mark Hasse`s death just two months earlier? While this is a rhetorical question, were the two shootings related? 

Clearly, I believe the two were related, as does everyone else on the planet. But why was Mark Hasse so paranoid in the days before he was actually shot? Why didn`t he intimate to someone his fears of being targeted? Why didn`t he tell a friend or colleague who he was afraid of and why he was so afraid of them?

Obviously, his apprehensions were real as were those of Mike McLelland. The lead that the Aryan Brotherhood was behind the three killings is a very viable possibility.

Another oddity that came over me as I was watching the news on Easter Sunday, is that I had a funny feeling a few weeks ago when this character Evan S. Ebel (identified as a member of the Aryan Brotherhood) was gunned down near Dallas.

That is, why was he fleeing Colorado and heading into Texas? Did he have connections here in Texas who he was (on his way) to meet?

I strongly suspect he did; moreover, his probable shooting of Tom Clements may be just one leg of a wider conspiracy to eliminate substantial officers of the law, who act as cogs in the wheel of vast organized criminal enterprise. 

Here I am shouting out conspiracy, but these are exactly the same thoughts of law enforcement officials all across Texas, although they`re not making their suspicions public. Connecting McLelland and Hasse is unproven so far, and it`s even a further stretch if you add Clements into the mix.

Intuition tells you the homicides, or actually the assassinations (we might better characterize them as such) are related. Proving that with hard evidence gets a little trickier; the killers (or the architects of the plot) covered their tracks well. 

On second thought, I take that back a bit; Ebel was a bit sloppy in his methods, using that conspicuous limousine of a Lincoln. I will say, however, he didn`t intend on getting himself arrested and going back to jail; he`d go down guns a blazing, like legendary Bonnie and Clyde or John Dillinger. But was Ebel a mere pawn, a small player?

I suspect this is true; furthermore, he may have wanted to die, knowing the Brotherhood would get him if he went back to jail, thinking he would snitch on the bigger parties behind this thing. Well, perhaps I`m getting ahead of myself, but the clues projected from Kaufman County look rather solid. 

Yet, is it a coincident that Mark Hasse was killed just after 30 senior leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood were indicted by a grand jury in Houston? Kaufman prosecutors were part of a state-wide task force that nabbed these white supremacists for racketeering, along with murders, attempted murders, kidnappings, assault, and methamphetamine distribution.

In December, it was promulgated by the Texas Department of Public Safety that the Aryan Brotherhood planned on getting revenge on law enforcement, responsible for bringing down these whites-only gang leaders. This must be the source of Mark Hasse`s concerns about his own welfare, where he started carrying a gun to the courthouse, and even changed his MO for entering or exiting the court building. So why did Mike McLelland say publicly that Hasse wasn`t involved in the Texas joint task force prosecution?

It would seem more likely, Hasse did play a role in bringing down the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. Why else would he be targeted? But why would McLelland try to cover up his partner`s involvement? This is not yet adding up! And we hear, there were eyewitnesses, when Hasse is shot in broad daylight, getting into his car in the court parking lot. 

 Were there two killers or only one? It was daytime; couldn`t they see that clearly? Not to heighten fears anymore than they already are, but are the Mexican cartels working north of the border now? Even worse, could the Aryans and cartels be linked together now?