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Published:April 2nd, 2013 18:06 EST
Confessions of an American Sikh: New Memoir Exposes Billion Dollar Cult

Confessions of an American Sikh: New Memoir Exposes Billion Dollar Cult

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California-resident Gursant Singh wears a turban, dons an uncut beard, wears his faith on his sleeve, carries a loaded handgun wherever he goes and would carry an assault rifle in his car if the State of California allowed.  He is not violent.  He is not fanatical.  And, he is not Taliban.  He is, however, like nearly one million other Sikh`s in the U.S.A " simply misunderstood. 

In his new book, Confessions of an American Sikh, Singh tells his personal story of  searching for an ideal Punjabi " wife, Indian incarceration, dealing with corrupt Indian cops, breaking free of Yogi Bhajan`s billion-dollar yoga cult, a Himalayan awakening, and his reintegration to America, with an Indian warrant on his head, as a religious freedom fighter. 

Indeed, Gursant Singh`s journey and mission is more dramatic than most. Born a white Christian, Singh converted to Sikhism and devoted over three decades to the popular 3HO (Happy, Healthy, Holy) spiritual organization.  Like him or hate him, Singh`s compelling, coming-of-age story provides unique insights into the world of these misunderstood warrior-saints.  Readers will meet an exotic cast of characters " some venal and manipulating, others compassionate and generous.  All of whom bring to life the contradictions, idiosyncrasies and excitement of 21st Century India.  The memoir will educate, inform and inspire.  Confessions of an American Sikh includes these topics and more:

  • The cult-like mysteries of the 3HO movement & Singh`s personal journey with the group
  • Why Singh chose Sikhism over Christianity
  • U.S. government`s ban on Sikh`s in military
  • The five articles of faith that Sikh`s are required to wear, including weapons
  • Hypocrisy of Sikhs` treatment of women
  • The extraordinarily corrupt Indian legal system, where payoffs are "ordinary`
  • Sikhism: What is practiced versus what is preached
  • The disillusionment of American young adults who seek India as a pilgrimage 

India can be fun, entertaining, and spiritually inspiring.  At the same time it can be harsh and unforgiving, especially if you run afoul of the law, " says Singh.  In fact, if readers are planning to visit or do business in India, Singh`s stories of a very modern India will alert some of the hidden dangers in India`s economy and politics.

Confessions of an American Sikh

by Gursant Singh

An expert marksman and traditionalist, Gursant Singh is a fighter for religious freedom.  Born a white Christian, Singh graduated from Harding Military Academy as an officer and also attended the University of Oregon.  He then converted to Sikhism in his twenties and devoted nearly three decades to a cult let by Yogi Bhajan.  While traveling in India, Singh learned the true practice of Eastern Sikhism.  His Confessions of an American Sikh provides an inside look into the life of one American Sikh.

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