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Published:April 2nd, 2013 12:15 EST

Dudes, Would You Wear A Bacon Condom? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I don`t think this what Bill Gates had in mind when he offered $100,000 to someone to invent the next generation condom.


Just when you though the bacon fad was fizzling out, J&D`s Foods --the same Seattle-based company that brought us the bacon coffin and bacon mayonnaise (all real products) -- now has introduced Bacon Condoms that claims to "make your meat look like meat.` "

Fox News

Not an April Fools` Day prank...

I love me some bacon, and I could eat the delicacy three times a day, but I don`t want my manhood smelling like pork.

I`m a few pounds overweight as it is; I certainly don`t want the ladies thinking I`m a fat pig if they get a whiff of my bacon condom.

If you date a girl with a big appetite she just might bite off your Johnson if you are wearing a bacon condom.

If you date a vegetarian she may never knock boots with you if you wear a bacon condom.

A girl wants a man who brings home the bacon, but making love to a dude wearing a bacon condom isn`t exactly what she had in mind.


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