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Published:April 3rd, 2013 22:32 EST
Gail Watson, Author of "The Four Pawsketeers" Up Close and Personal

Gail Watson, Author of "The Four Pawsketeers" Up Close and Personal

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What happens when you take two four-legged creatures from central Texas and combine them with two four-legged creatures in the Rio Grande Valley, aka "The Land Down Under"? They become "The Four Pawsketeers"! 

Gail Watson, Author of "The Four Pawsketeers" to appear on The American Perspective Radio Program with Judyth Piazza.

"The Four Pawsketeers" is an animal adventure that takes you on a journey of challenges and opportunities.  

By moving a cat and a dog from the Hill Country of Texas south to Harlingen, Texas, their lives take on a whole new adventure with exciting challenges and opportunities. Each individual pet encounters their own adventures as unique as they are and discover a camaraderie they never imagined would exist. 

As they learn the new household, cuisine, and outside creatures they discover that they have several common interests. The last big adventure involves the sharing of a feast that only an animal could appreciate. They become the best of friends after this sharing of the minds and learn that we can all get along if we just take the time to learn how to share common ground. 

The Four Pawsketeers is the first in a series, so be sure to watch for the next release!

Judyth looks forward to interviewing Gail about her inspiration behind the book, her secrets to success as well as her journey as an author.  It will be an up close and personal adventure.

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