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Published:April 3rd, 2013 21:35 EST
North Korea Had Better Think about Chilling Out

North Korea Had Better Think about Chilling Out

By Ron G Anselm

What a world we live in and what a time to be alive. Living in today`s world is like walking through a maze with a blindfold on, you never know what`s around the next corner. Now, here we go again, with the threat of nuclear war lurking as every second of the clock ticks. Un-fricken Believable!

North Korea has been acting like they are the schoolyard bully trying to make a name for themselves as a military power ever since their new leader, Kim Jong-un took over the command of his country. Now, he is becoming a little bolder by ordering his missile battalions to be on the highest alert and ready to launch missiles at various U.S. cities and military bases around the world. He is upset about the recent sanctions against him and his country. Is this just hype where he is trying to prove he is the big bad bully trying to soften his inferiority complex or is he really just that dumb and thinks he can defeat the world with just a flick of a switch? Not sure when you are dealing with mentally unstable people especially when they are dictators of a country.

To me, this guy lacks confidence and self-esteem to be making such an order to attack us and our allies. It`s the same concept as two kids going at it with words behind the schools flag pole after their last class lets out. One makes a threat to the other but one is scared of the other and the other is glad he is scared.

Of course we are not dealing with two kids but a huge and serious problem, possible nuclear war. When I went on field exercises and training missions in the Army our training focus was how to defeat the Soviet Union and the threat of nuclear war.

Now once again we have this problem surfacing out there and we don`t know really what to believe anymore. Does North Korea really have a missile and are they really capable of knowing how to mount a nuclear warhead on one of their ballistic missiles and do those missiles have the long-range capabilities to reach the United States and various other military bases in Hawaii and other locations? There are doubts out there that North Korea even has these types of capabilities which in turn would then show that Kim Jong-un is just a bully trying to make a name for himself. As I said before in other various articles about a person who is behaving in an illiterate way and I will say it to Kim Jong-un, Dude! Get a Clue!

As Rodney King once said, "Can`t we all just get along?" There are enough problems in this world that if we could all just work together as a team this world would be a very nice place to live. We don`t need another war to fight or have to defend ourselves on, our military is burned out but at the same time is  kicking butt in combat and not taking names.

South Korea`s Defense Minister commented on the threat by North Korea by saying, "We believe they are taking follow-up steps. ". South Korean and American intelligence authorities are closely watching whether North Korea is preparing its short, medium, and long-range missiles, including its Scud, Rodong and Musudan."  

If anyone has served in the military or served in combat operations, you know there is always a lot of psychological and mind messing with things going on. Is this threat by North Korea just a psychological mind messing ordeal or do they really think they could defeat the United States and our allies? Like the philosophy in the Martial-Arts states, to walk away from potential trouble is an advanced technique in the Martial-Arts but if one is forced to defend themselves, do so will all their mind, body and skill. If our country is forced to once again defend itself against another country especially North Korea, I don`t think it will end well for Kim Jong-un and his army of those little short military men that always look like their hats don`t fit well on their little heads.

Advice for North Korea, if your mad about the sanctions against you just chill out and keep truckin and minding your own business and doing what you are told.


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