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Published:April 5th, 2013 08:09 EST
A Telling Video of Mike McLelland Visiting Helz Firearms in Forney Surfaces!

A Telling Video of Mike McLelland Visiting Helz Firearms in Forney Surfaces!

By John G. Kays

While it would appear as if the memorial service for Mike and Cynthia McLelland at First Baptist Church of Sunnyvale on Thursday was at the top of the news bill, for some unknown reason, the revelation of a gun shop video (captured by a store surveillance camera), where Mike McLelland visits Helz Firearms in Forney on Friday, trumps an all important, politically charged (Governor Rick Perry was there) memorial service story. I wondered what the reasons for this might be, then had to watch the video for myself, as covered by CBS News!

It was coming to me now, the light bulb in my head was turning on brightly; there was an ironic twist to Mike McLelland dropping by Helz Firearms on the very day he would perish, as a result of violent gunshots. It ought to be mentioned, his son J. R. McLelland said he has frequented gun shops considerably all his 63 years. 

This qualification doesn`t undermine any the profundity of Mike`s casual visit. Rather, it only heightens the apparent incendiary situation (we find ourselves in) there in rural northeast Texas, where two prosecutors have already been gunned down.

While it was said Mike didn`t seem to be too concerned for his own safety, he was shopping for guns for his fellow employees, who were considerably spooked by Mark Hasse`s murder two months previously, in the back of my mind I believe he must have been racked with a great deal of concern and alarm.

I wonder whether there was a specific person or group he was thinking about on that day, maybe even as he gets out of his white pickup truck and ambles casually into the Helz Firearms? More speculation, but was he killed because he was starting to put the puzzle pieces together.

There`s a reason why this grainy video is gaining traction; in my mind it`s symbolic more than anything else. It seems to act as a fulcrum to all the moving parts of this highly complex and charged story, that`s a pestilence to law and order in Texas right now. 

To add to it`s already mesmerizing plethora of profundity, Mike takes a pistol and aims it at the camera, appearing to discharge the firearm. Did he realize he was being filmed? It`s as if he was shooting at these Bad Guys, who are accosting his once peaceful neighborhood.

There I go again, reading way more than I ought to into this simple video, which nonetheless serves as a pristine document, preserving one of the final moments of this slain Kaufman County District Attorney`s life. 

It occurs to me, the more we try to play it down, the more it resurfaces as a significant clue as to what was going down last Friday (April 1st, 2013) in Forney, Texas. Okay, so perhaps it`s more appropriate to stop sweeping it under the carpet; this video is most significant!

Is it too much to say, perhaps the killers were following and watching Mike that day? They may have been nearby Helz at 1:30 PM when this video was filmed. I don`t believe this assertion is all that off the mark. These guys are well organized and they didn`t just jump into this; it was planned to the T, just as Mark Hasse`s hit was a smooth operation (with the killers disguised in black and a Taurus vehicle that was probably stolen, then disintegrated).

I`d put my money on it being an organized criminal outfit, not a lone, begrudged individual. I suspect this is the trend of thinking in the major investigators working the case, which includes the FBI. I don`t believe they think this video is disposable; on the contrary, I sense they`re reviewing it with a mindful eye for what it`s telling them, even if it is partially symbolic in nature.

And another item that`s itching my scalp: why does Rick Perry keep referencing the Mexican cartels, and their new found presence in Texas? This is where I`m going!