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Published:April 7th, 2013 12:05 EST

Target Apologizes For Labeling Plus-Size Dress 'Manatee Gray': Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Target has apparently stubbed its toe on a touchstone of obesity sensitivity with the color label for one of its plus-size dresses " manatee gray.


It`s an odd choice of a color name, for sure, one that`s also slapped on the discount retailer`s towels, sheets and the like. It evokes images of mottled, darkish gray, not entirely lovely tones. And the manatee, though an engaging environmental symbol for its gentle ways and precarious future, isn`t exactly a sex symbol. But the backlash provoked by an extra-large-size dress tagged with the color prompted Target to sweep the dress off its racks and issue an apology "

LA Times

Methinks this wasn`t an oversight, considering the same colored dress in regular sizes was called "dark heather gray. "

But overweight ladies should refrain from getting their granny panties in a twist; their oversensitivity isn`t going to gain them any  supporters.

Because the color for the plus-size dress is named after a creature commonly called a "sea cow" it might motivate behemoth ladies to shed a few pounds.

Manatees are huge placid creatures that idle away the day grazing on plants. If ladies didn`t idle away the day watching soap operas and munching on donuts and chips, they wouldn`t be in the market for dresses labeled "manatee gray."

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