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Published:April 8th, 2013 14:20 EST

Dude Arrested For Two Failed Bank Robberies On Same Day

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Washington, D.C., man was arrested and charged for allegedly trying to rob two banks with a note that confused the tellers, officials said.


The alleged attempted robberies took place on Monday at two downtown Washington banks.

At the SunTrust bank, the suspect, whose name was not reported, walked in and gave a teller a note that read "100s 50s 20s 10s.` "


The teller was confused, or pretended to be confused, and returned the note, sans money, to the hapless bank robber.

Shortly thereafter, the intellect-challenged robber entered another bank and handed a teller there the same note. The teller immediately understood that she was being robbed. She yelled and the security guards chased the pathetic criminal out the bank, and he was nabbed a couple of blocks away by the cops.

Note to halfwit bank robber:

Writing a bank robbery note isn`t rocket science: The note shouldn`t be nuance or subtle; it should be blunt and concise. Example: Hand over your all your damn money or I will blow you away!

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