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Published:April 12th, 2013 15:45 EST
Sweet Smell of Spring Brings Not only Rainstorms but Home Runs

Sweet Smell of Spring Brings Not only Rainstorms but Home Runs

By Ron G Anselm

"A Home run in baseball to a hitter has the same effects as if you just went out and hit the Powerball Lottery." (R. Anselm)

As Vin Sculley used to say, It`s that time of year again folks, another time for baseball and Dodger blue. " Of course you wouldn`t know this saying or even who Vin Sculley is if you didn`t grow-up in Los Angeles like I did or if you are not a Dodger fan either.

 Yes, every time a baseball fan smells the sweet smell of freshly cut grass and feels the warm sunshine on their shoulders the thought of hearing popping baseball gloves and the crack of bats fills their mind and gets them excited because yes, opening day for Major League baseball is now a reality and some of your favorite teams may have a promising year and go all the way to the World Series.

Those family Friday and Saturday nights spending time at your local ball park or should I say baseball stadium because now with the retro Major League stadiums out there that many teams spent millions of dollars on lately to perfect is the same as going to a Six Flags amusement park. They are huge now and have so much to do in them other than watch a great baseball game of your home team that it would take over a week straight of coming to the ball park every night just to finish doing all the fun things there are to do there with your family.

With summer coming and millions of baseball fans out there waiting to see who cashed in on those huge money-making Major League contracts of their favorite players; those same fans are hoping this may be the year for their team to go all the way.

Baseball is more than going to a ball game or watching your son or daughter play in the Tee-Ball of Little League games as you their Mom and Dad sit in those park bleachers and cheer louder than if you were holding a megaphone and yelling at the top of your lungs, the game is part of life and a huge part of our history and culture.

Without baseball a lot of memories not only of many past games that are now in the records books or those ever-lasting moments that the young players of today read about in the history books of baseball but the game had a lasting effect on our history during the past one-hundred years and at times was our crutch for better times.

I won`t get too much into the history and past games and memories of this great game but I will say you can continue learning about this and reading about it in my next book titled, Our Grand Ol` National Past Time " It is all about everything baseball " from the first games that took place in the back alleys of Brooklyn to the new retro baseball stadiums fans can call home if they wanted and is about everything in between.

If you love the game then you will definitely have to buy a copy of my book. If you just love to read and learn about everything you can about anything then you will also have to buy a copy of my book because it is not only about baseball but the history of the game, the many past history moments that happened, the many great memorable games, the many, many great moments and with an added twist for excitement and fun when it comes to Major League baseball.

So, keep an eye out for the release date of my next book and all ordering details for it. When my Author`s website is finished the link will be ( There will be a link on my website to go to for ordering your copy of my book. I will also keep everyone informed of the release date and ordering details when I know from my publisher.

So, as you stand at the plate, holding the bat like Rod Carew used to, loose and choked-up a lot to be able to get the bat around faster; your mind focuses on the Right-field bleachers.  You watch the pitcher who is standing on the mound and staring at you like he was a drill sergeant staring at his platoon of recruits ready to bark out the next set of orders. You look at the third-base coach who is flashing the signs to you. You see no special sign to bunt or take the next pitch so you have the green light to swing for the fences.

The pitcher sets on the mound, you become anxious at the plate wondering what the next pitch will be. You quickly go over in your head the count which is one ball and two strikes. You then know the next pitch should be more than likely a fastball down the heart of the plate.

The pitcher winds, your eyes grow as big as dollar coins, your adrenaline shoots through you a baby shooting out of the birth canal, you watch the pitchers hand as he releases the ball. The ball is released and coming at you like a bolt of lightning, you watch the seams of the ball to see what direction they are spinning in. As the one-hundred plus mile an hour pitch is heading toward you the seams are spinning backwards, your mind clicks in saying, Yes, thank you! It`s a fastball! " You shift your weight from your back foot, your eyes are on the ball, and you follow through with an even swing as your hips rotate and Crack! You hear the announcer in the booth on the third deck behind home plate become excited and scream, There goes a long drive, deep to right-field. Back goes Smith, to the wall, It`s gone! Home Run!

The crowd erupts into a frazzled frantic as you circle the bases. You round first and head for second base, you catch a glimpse of a little kid sitting along the first baseline wearing your team`s baseball jersey that has your number on it and that little kid is wearing your team`s baseball hat. You know you are his or her favorite player so you give the little kid something they will remember for the rest of their life as you trot by first base; a thumbs up and a wave as they stare at you like you are a super hero. Then in your mind you think about the most important thing of the game, the fans and then you say to yourself, Heck, who needs to hit the lottery with a lottery ticket. I just hit the lottery with a home run and feel as if I just hit the Powerball Lottery not with winning money but just hearing the true fans of the game cheer. "

Buy your copy of my next book and please Enjoy!