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Published:April 13th, 2013 14:47 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with SOP Writer and Author of Juniper Crescent, Tony Graff

Judyth Piazza chats with SOP Writer and Author of Juniper Crescent, Tony Graff

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Radio talk show host and journalist, Judyth Piazza interviews Sarah Book Publishing author, Tony Graff on The American Perspective Radio Program. 

During the interview, Judyth asks Tony, "What key quality do you believe all successful people share?"  "Successful people know how to set goal and achieve their goals," said Tony.

Tony said his friends challenge him and that is one of the reasons he wrote Juniper Cresent.  "It is one of the best qualities to look for in a friend," he said. 

Now available through all major book retailers, Juniper Crescent tells the story of Oksanya Vor Tallen, who has struggled with muscular dystrophy since she was a child. A cure has been found for her genetic disorder, but the operation is radical, and very controversial. The operation replaces the corrupted genes in her body with those of a cheetah.

Despite her apprehension, she undergoes the operation. It cures her completely, but also has unforeseen side effects, like the cheetah spots that spread across her body, as well as the ability to run, and run fast.

Across the globe, people either hail this operation, nicknamed the Isis operation, as either the cure of the century, or the latest mad-scientist attempt to create monsters. Oksanya is caught in the middle, grateful for a new lease on life, but unsure as to whether or not she is still human.

Juniper Crescent is the winner of a Top Choice Award.

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The American Perspective Radio celebrates 8 years of success. 

"Judyth Piazza is one of the most ambitious and hard working individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting" 
-          Zig Ziglar, Author and Motivational Guru
"Judyth Piazza continues to let her magnificent light bless all who she comes in contact with" 
-          Yolanda King, Daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Judyth Piazza, journalist extroidianaire"
-          Tony Little, Fitness Celebrity
"Through the years I`ve had the opportunity to interact with the press on a regular basis, and Judyth Piazza and The Student Operated Press interviewed me with a level of professionalism, insightful questions, and ability to bring out worthwhile information from my experiences flying in space as an astronaut I`ve rarely seen from any reporter."  
-           Rick Searfoss, Colonel, USAF Retired
             Astronaut/Space Shuttle Mission Commander
"Over the years, I have been interviewed by hundreds of reporters, anchors, and a variety of correspondents but no interview has been more deftly accomplished (and enjoyed) than the one by Judyth Piazza.  Judyth is insightful, intelligent, and fun, a combination that makes talking to her always worthwhile for both the interviewee and the listener to her show.  I always look forward to talking to her, no matter the subject. Clearly, Judyth is on to something good and I only see great things for her in the future." 
 -              Homer Hickam, author October Sky, The Far Reaches, and many other books. 
"Judyth Piazza is one of the emerging brilliant entrepreneurs in the 21st century. When I first met her a number of years ago, I was immediately impressed with her unwavering tenacity, attention to detail, and passionate commitment to achieve her objectives. Many times people dream up lofty ideas and concepts. However, they rarely execute on their ideas. Judyth is the exact opposite. The word "No" is foreign to her and finds a way to get a "Yes" out anyone.  This enterprising young woman is an incredible model for any aspiring individuals who is looking to make a difference."  
 -         Simon T Bailey, Author and President of Imagination Institute